Thursday, July 6, 2006

500 Yıl Önce Neler Olmuş

Tarih'de 500 yıl önce neler olmuş diye merak ettim ve bakın neler buldum:

1500 World population 400 million.

1501 First flush toilets.

1502 Coiled springs invented.

1503 Leonardo da Vinci begins painting the Mona Lisa. Michelangelo sculpts the David (finished in 1504). First handkerchief used in Europe.

1506 The building of St Peter's Basilica started in Rome under Pope Julius II. The idea of a church for the popes was conceived by Nicholas V during his reign (1447-1455.) Walls were erected, but construction stopped when Nicholas died. Building would be completed in 1626.

1509 Michelangelo paints the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

1510 Leonardo da Vinci designs horizontal water wheel, an early version of the modern water turbine. Pocket watch invented by Peter Henlein, who also invents the spring-powered clock.

1515 Coffee from Arabia appears in Europe.

1516 Music printed for the first time, in Italy. Erasmus produces a Greek/Latin parallel New Testament.
1540 Potato brought to Europe from South America. Ether, an early anaesthetic, was made from alcohol and sulphuric acid.

1545 First botanical garden established, in Italy.

1548 First theatre with a roof opens in Paris.

1550 Berretta family of Italy begin making guns.

1556 The worst earthquake in history in China's Shansi Province kill 830,000 people. Tobacco imported to Europe from America by French ambassador to Lisbon, Jean Nicot (after whom nicotine is named). [A decade later, Sir Walter Raleigh took tobacco to England and became largely responsible for popularizing smoking among Europeans.]

1565 The pencil invented in England.

1578 William Bourne, a British mathematician, draw plans for a submarine.

1580 Francis Drake completes circumnavigation of earth.

1582 Gregorian calendar adopted.

1583 Galileo demonstrates that successive beats of a pendulum always take place in the same length of time, regardless of the distance through which the "pendulum do swing".

1589 William Lee invents the first knitting machine, the stocking frame.

1590 Microscope invented by Dutch spectacle maker Zacharias Janssen. Shakespeare begin his career. Galileo experiments with falling objects.

1593 Galileo invents a water thermometer.

1599 Globe Theatre built in London on the south bank of the River Thames.



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